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Customer Care

Queen & Leuty is the product of years of experience in all aspects of the fashion industry by Teresa D'Souza. As a designer, manufacturer, merchandiser and retailer Teresa brings all of her expertise both to the garments she creates and your experience in her retail shops and online. Queen & Leuty is committed to making the highest quality garments and accessories locally and sustainably. We endeavour to do everything we can for you to enjoy our products including minor alterations for fit and free personal shopping for all our customers. Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like to know more about  

 Privacy & Safety

We take our customer's privacy and online safety seriously. We will only gather information relevant in delivering our products to you and keeping you informed of our new products and services. We will never sell or provide your information to any third-parties and only use secure payment systems. Our website and its host monitor for security breaches. Your personal information is never collated or saved

Payment Methods

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Offline Payments

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