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Our Story

Queen & Leuty is a homage to our design studio in the Beaches area of Toronto. It's here Teresa D'Souza and her team create unique, locally made clothing collections that are both fashionable and sustainable. Each item created in our studio is a product of many years of experience, creativity, care and love. Come visit us at our flagship store at the junction of Queen Street East and Leuty Avenue, Toronto, it's not only our name but our address!

Snowy Weather

Who are we?

In our shop Teresa D'Souza designed pieces to compliment the collections she sold from the UK. All of her creations were made in-house with the help of her dedicated team. Her creations soon become the best-selling items in the store and the label was born from this success.

The idea behind Queen & Leuty is simple: create high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever. Born in the Beaches and crafted using all of our expertise, we offer women luxury quality at a fair and accessible price.


Local and Sustainable

We believe that the pieces you buy today should become the vintage of tomorrow. To achieve this ideal, we create timeless pieces that will outlive trends with sustainable materials and people we trust.

Queen & Leuty is dedicated to small batch fabrication, usually in-house with a dedicated group of colleagues. The design and sewing studio in the Beach is where we produce most of our garments. We also use a Toronto workshop for larger orders. 


Our materials are as eco-friendly as possible and sourced from trusted suppliers. Many of our trims and hardware are re-purposed from other manufacturers to ensure they are not wasted or end up in landfills. We also try to create new designs from previous loved items...upcycling and re-designing as much as we can!

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